checker's french fry lovers cheeseburger


1. claussen kosher dill pickle spears

2. einstein brothers blueberry bagel cream cheese

3. boar's head cheddar cheese

4. boar's head baby swiss cheese

5. dannon strawberry banana yogurt

6. kroger baked cod

7. breyer's waffle cone ice cream

8. boar's head maple glazed turkey breast

9. captain D's fried fish

10. kellogg's cherry pop tarts

11. green giant romaine lettuce

12. organic cantaloupe

13. idaho potato soup

14. panera french toast bagel

15. libby's green beans

16. boston market rotisserie chicken

17. bush golden gold hominy

18. girl scout thin mint cookies

19. green giant cut peeled baby carrots

20. pillsbury strawberry toaster strudel

21. tony chachere's red beans and rice

22. organic green tomatoes

23. boar's head muenster cheese

24. boar's head three pepper colby jack cheese

25. zaxby's buffalo tenders tongue torch

26. king's hawaiian sweet rolls

27. grands biscuits

28. california pizza kitchen barbecue chicken pizza

29. nathan's famous beef franks

30. archer farms black olives

31. panda express kung pao chicken

32. pillsbury strawberry toaster strudel

33. krystal spicy chik chicken sandwich

34. birds eye viola beef lo mein

35. publix blueberry yogurt

36. bumblebee albacore tuna salad

37. sunshine hot & spicy cheez-its

38. hostess twinkies

39. gwaltney chicken hot dog

40. del monte lima beans

41. quaker oatmeal

42. boston market cinnamon apples

43. sunshine cheddar jack cheez-its cheese crackers

44. del monte sweet peas

45. del monte beets

46. dannon strawberry yogurt

47. kellogg's frosted flakes

48. chicken of the sea chicken salad

49. pillsbury cinnamon rolls

50. pepperidge farms texas toast

51. white castle sweet potato waffle french fries

52. boar's head pastrami

53. knorr teriyaki noodles

54. 365 sweet corn

55. kellogg's raspberry pop tarts

56. blue bell french vanilla ice cream

57. bush's black eyed peas

58. tyson chicken parmigiana

59. ingles cucumbers

60. wendy's spicy chicken sandwich combo

61. boston market sweet potatoes

62. dole honeydew

63. eckrich beef smoked sausage

64. lays barbecue potato chips

65. mrs smith's apple pie

66. breyer's caramel praline crunch ice cream

67. gorton's battered fish fillets

68. ethiopian injera flat bread

69. kellogg's raisin bran

70. glory collard greens

71. kellogg's strawberry pop tart

72. panera cinnamon crunch bagel

73. ranch pringles

74. popeye's spicy fried chicken

75. martha white banana nut muffins

76. boar's head havarti cheese

77. pillsbury crescent rolls croissant

78. gorton's talapia

79. dole pineapple

80. kellogg's apple jacks

81. near east garlic & olive oil couscous

82. enzo's meatball pizza

83. gwaltney beef hot dog

84. kellogg's corn flakes

85. dunkin donuts raspberry jelly donut

86. panera bread blueberry bagel

87. china king chicken fried rice

88. sara lee strawberry cheesecake

89. dragon express hunan chicken

90. reese artichoke hearts

91. general mills wheaties 1% milk

92. ore-ida country style hash browns with salsa

93. banquet turkey sausage patty

94. private selection colby cheese

95. boar's head chipotle gouda

96. 365 crinkle cut french fries

97. private selection garlic herb monterey jack cheese

98. duncan hines dark fudge chunk brownies

99. nabisco ritz crackers

100. publix grapes

101. kellogg's rice krispies

102. kellogg's special k red berries

103. rice a roni rice pilaf

104. rice a roni spanish rice

105. china king sesame chicken

106. simply potatoes fried potato

107. silver floss bavarian sauerkraut

108. publix steak eggs london broil

109. bush's best baked beans

110. vlasic sauerkraut

111. papa john's garden fresh pizza

112. jiffy jalapeño cornbread

113. zaxby's crinkle fries

114. new york five cheese texas toast

115. bama strawberry jam

116. eggo waffles syrup

117. general mills raisin nut bran milk

118. publix cinnamon bun yogurt

119. kraft chocolate pudding

120. dutch style smoked gouda

121. del taco beef burrito

122. haagen dazs rocky road ice cream

123. john morrell beef bacon

124. taco bell hard taco supreme

125. idahoan mashed potatoes

126. martha white blueberry muffin

127. eggo french toast syrup

128. velveeta shells and cheese

129. lupita's nacho supremos

130. betty crocker yellow cake with cream cheese icing

131. stop light green pepper

132. organic zucchini

133. private selection provolone cheese

134. taco bell double decker taco supreme

135. dunkin donuts glazed donut

136. little debbie christmas tree cakes

137. del monte asparagus spears

138. breyer's chips ahoy cookie ice cream

139. del monte leaf spinach

140. general mills cinnamon toast crunch

141. perdue chicken marsala

142. peter pan peter butter

143. emerald cashews

144. moe's steak nachos billy barou

145. kellogg's froot loops

146. pace chunky salsa egg

147. papa john's cinnapie

148. boston market meatloaf

149. moe's chicken fajitas

150. little debbie swiss rolls

151. nestle crunch dibs ice cream snacks

152. meatball sub sandwich

153. publix apple pie yogurt

154. simply potatoes hash browns

155. mrs smith's banana cream pie

156. general mills lucky charms

157. kroger apricot

158. chipotle barbacoa burrito everything

159. papa johns garlic breadsticks

160. swanson broth gumbo

161. kroger mango yogurt

162. taco bell fresco soft taco

163. wendy's junior cheeseburger

164. publix key lime pie

165. pillsbury blueberry toaster strudel

166. olive garden chicken alfredo

167. chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich

168. breyer's vanilla fudge brownie ice cream

169. grecian gyro beef and lamb gyro

170. digiorno cheese pizza

171. hunt's manwich sloppy joe sandwich

172. nature valley dark chocolate granola thins

173. red baron four cheese pan pizza

174. orville redenbacher popcorn

175. boar's head cracked pepper mill turkey

176. mount olive sweet pickles

177. boar's head oven gold turkey breast

178. kroger black cherry yogurt

179. private selection cheesecake

180. aunt jemima pancakes maple syrup

181. kroger fried swai fish

182. little debbie peanut nutty bars

183. drake's coffee cake

184. egg beaters garden omelette

185. krystal chili cheese fries

186. hormel turkey pepperoni

187. post honey bunches of oats

188. sara lee honey wheat bread

189. barilla spaghetti

190. long john silver fried clams

191. rold gold pretzel knots

192. pillsbury grands flaky supreme cinnamon rolls

193. kroger fried egg

194. kellogg's blueberry pop tarts

195. china king shrimp egg roll

196. yoplait strawberry vanilla yogurt

197. white mushrooms

198. keebler club crackers

199. green giant stir fry teriyaki

200. auntie anne's cinnamon and sugar pretzel

201. betty crocker suddenly salad classic pasta salad

202. the big pig wakes

203. tyson chicken breast

204. publix cabbage

205. publix cheddar popcorn

206. little caesars deep dish cheese pizza

207. otis spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies

208. bumblebee feta chicken salad

209. sun maid california raisins

210. kraft vanilla pudding

211. taco doritos tortilla chips

212. wendy's spicy nuggets nugget

213. boar's head salsalito turkey breast

214. oscar mayer turkey bologna

215. eggland's best scrambled eggs

216. kellogg's frosted mini wheats

217. general mills golden grahams

218. boar's head pastrami seasoned turkey breast

219. yoplait raspberry yogurt

220. la preferida black beans

221. dairy queen chicken strip basket

222. honeysuckle white turkey smoked sausage

223. duncan hines chocolate cake

224. kroger watermelon

225. little debbie zebra snack cakes

226. organic roma tomato

227. van's homestyle belgian waffles

228. tombstone garlic bread pizza

229. mrs smith's coconut cream pie

230. boar's head fontina cheese

231. ruffles cheddar and sour cream potato chips

232. private selection roast beef

233. chiquita banana

234. mcdonald's big mac

235. pillsbury cherry toaster strudel

236. great value brussel sprouts

237. bimbo cinnamon toast bread

238. knorr spanish rice

239. edy's butterfingers ice cream

240. betty crocker fudge brownies

241. kashi peanutty dark chocolate granola

242. archer farms cheesecake yogurt

243. wick's sugar cream pie

244. sunshine cheez-its

245. white castle cheese burger

246. knorr steak fajita rice

247. frito lay cheetos

248. mcdonald's mcdouble cheeseburger

249. girl scout samoa cookies

250. keebler coconut dreams cookies

251. jimmy dean turkey sausage patty

252. birds eye cauliflower

253. pomelo farmers market

254. mrs smith's lemon meringue pie

255. kfc coleslaw

256. entenmann's lemon pie

257. checker's french fry lovers cheeseburger

258. long john silver's fried shrimp

259. enzo's chicken pizza

260. zatarain's jumbalaya

261. knorr pasta sides parmesan

262. jell-o banana pudding

263. quaker grits

264. blue bell banana pudding ice cream

265. fritos chili cheese corn chips

266. checkers champ with cheese

267. sargento mozzarella cheese

268. boar's head smokehouse beef brisket

269. china star pepper steak with rice

270. sea pak popcorn shrimp

271. wilderness blueberries

272. nature valley chocolate chip granola bar

273. taco bell cool ranch doritos locos taco

274. blue bell cherry cheesecake ice cream

275. fritos corn chips

276. market pantry macaroni salad

277. general mills honey nut cheerios

278. walmart georgia peaches

279. krystal corn pup

280. mueller's baked cavatini

281. zaxby's fried mushrooms

282. oscar mayer turkey hot dog

283. kroger catfish

284. mrs smith's cherry pie

285. buitoni cheese ravioli

286. hardee's little thick hamburger

287. archer farms peach yogurt

288. captain d's butterfly shrimp

289. kroger turkey pepperoni

290. little caesars italian cheese bread

291. publix portobello mushrooms

292. cage free boiled egg

293. eggland's best deviled egg

294. blue diamond almonds

295. del monte candied yams

296. boar's head blazin buffalo chicken breast

297. nestle toll house pecan turtle delight cookies

298. mahatma white rice

299. olive garden fettuccine alfredo

300. pepperidge farms cheddar goldfish crackers

301. tostitos salsa con queso dip with tortilla chips

302. kraft singles american cheese

303. egg beaters omelette

304. hormel roast beef hash

305. publix churros yogurt

306. fazoli's bow tie alfredo

307. china star crab rangoon

308. lays classic potato chips

309. betty crocker hamburger helper beef stroganoff

310. johnsonville beef summer sausage

311. white castle onion rings

312. nabisco oreo cookies

313. lee's dragon beef fried rice

314. mueller's whole grain spaghetti

315. fazoli's bread sticks

316. campbell's chunky clam chowder

317. knorr cheddar broccoli

318. taco bell beefy five layer burrito

319. general mills trix cereal milk

320. bush's best vegetarian baked beans

321. hebrew national all beef franks

322. nature's own wheat bread

323. original pringles

324. post fruity pebbles

325. wick's pecan pie

326. enzo's nancy sicilian pizza

327. pillsbury apple toaster strudel

328. sunkist plums

329. breyer's snickers candy bar ice cream

330. taco bell doritos locos taco

331. oscar mayer beef bologna

332. dole mandarin oranges

333. boar's head corned beef brisket

334. chobani strawberry banana greek yogurt

335. ocean spray cranberries

336. aunt jemima buttermilk pancakes

337. arby's roast beef sandwich

338. eden organic garbanzo beans chickpeas

339. tostitos tortilla chips

340. cheddar cheese pringles

341. boar's head asiago cheese

342. kfc original recipe fried chicken

343. publix large curd cottage cheese

344. mayfield turtle tracks caramel turtle ice cream

345. goya refried pinto beans

346. dunkin donuts boston cream donut

347. little debbie cosmic brownies

348. ragu robusto marinara sauce spaghetti

349. tijuana joe's beef chimichanga

350. totino's cheese pizza rolls

351. krystal hamburger cheese

352. birds eye broccoli

353. duncan hines dark fudge brownies

354. lays sweet southern heat barbecue potato chips

355. post super golden crisp

356. blue bell mint chocolate chip ice cream

357. kroger apple cinnamon o's

358. granny smith apples

359. luzianne dirty rice

360. mcdonald's mcchicken fried chicken sandwich

361. quaker cinnamon life

362. breyer's strawberry ice cream

363. allen's sunshine mustard greens

364. vadalia onion

365. dole pears

366. no yolks egg noodles

367. borden monterey jack cheese

368. market fresh strawberries organic

369. sour cream and onion pringles

370. kraft stove top herb stuffing

371. taco bell soft taco supreme

372. knorr stroganoff pasta sides

373. david sunflower seed kernels

374. boar's head blackened turkey breast

375. china king shrimp fried rice

376. boar's head jerk turkey © 2013